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☎️ 1-on-1 Support Calls

New! Based on your feedback, we’re now offering one-on-one calls where you can get specific help with your release strategy.

<aside> ▶️ Short Form Content Review (Asynchronous)

Submit your short form content to receive a detailed analysis of how you can improve your content to increase virality, streams or sales.

$5 for 5 videos. **Click here to get started**


<aside> ⏩ 1:1 Campaign Ad Setup/Review Session

Hop on a 1:1 call and receive professional guidance to set up your ads or receive a review and analysis for a campaign that is already running to improve your results.

$50 per session.
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<aside> ⏭️ 1:1 Campaign Strategy/Planning/Rollouts Session

Hop on a 1:1 call to get advice and help with your full artist strategy. Receive personalized recommendations for which type of campaign to use, share your music, and more.

$75 per session.
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